Sebella Miller

"I have had the support of Adam as a PT for a couple of years. He has a very tailored approach, ensuring that your interest is maintained for the long haul and not just those first ‘6 weeks’. He is tough when it’s is needed and adapts when you are having a ‘bad day’"

Anne Neale

"Adam has been my personal trainer for over a year. He know's how hard he can push me, my strengths and weakness. As my trainer, it's now 'I can do this' rather than 'I can't do it' He's just awesome"

Sue Shaw

"Adam has been my personal trainer for over a year now and his commitment has been exceptional. He has designed workouts to fit in with various injuries I have incurred. His knowledge of nutrition and the workings of the body have been steered me in the right direction even down to diagnosing some treatments to my injuries"

Sumit Baranwal

"Adam is a conscientious trainer. He listens to your goals and requirements and pushes you to achieve results. I am a runner and he helped me improve my fitness and running. He is a fantastic personal trainer and I would recommend him without any hesitation"

Jo Dempsey

As a family member I think I get a bit of tough love from Adam! But he listens to what you need, want to achieve and understands when you have struggles. He adapts your training to suit you, there are definitely things I cannot do due to wrist issues (like burpees and bear crawls) so he keeps these off the agenda! At he beginning of each work out I don’t want to do it, but by the end of each workout I’m glad I have! And that’s down to Adams support and encouragement.

Ashley Smith

Adam has been training me for over a year now and he is so amazing. I have a back issue and he has worked with me to make it stronger. He is moviated and when I think I can't do it any more he had been there to push me. If anyone is looking for a personal trainer he is the man.